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IronTech Security is a cybersecurity company who provides cybersecurity services and training to the Miami area. For over 20+ years, we have been providing IT services to financial institutions, law firms, water utilities, engineering firms, accounting firms, and other businesses throughout Miami and surrounding areas.

Do Miami Businesses need Cyber security Companies?

You may think you aren’t in danger of being targeted, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is that smaller businesses tend to have underdeveloped IT infrastructures and security systems. They make easy targets for cyber criminals looking to gain access into larger companies using your data.

We can help you protect your Miami business with our comprehensive suite of cybersecurity services. We provide proactive monitoring of all devices on your network so we can identify potential threats before they become problems, allowing us to mitigate attacks as soon as they occur. Our team also performs regular vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and other tests designed to uncover any weaknesses in your systems or processes that might leave you vulnerable to an attack — even if it’s not immediately obvious where those vulnerabilities lie!

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Best of Breed Cyber Security Services for Miami Businesses

You need an IT partner that can deploy system security at scale — one that has the experience and skills necessary to defend against today’s complex cyber threats. Irontech Security delivers customized network security solutions for companies of all sizes across Miami and nationwide. Our experts work behind-the-scenes 24/7/365 to ensure your systems remain secure from evolving cyberattacks by using state of the art technology, proven methodologies, and best practices in cybersecurity management. We help our clients control their cybersecurity risk while they focus on growing their business.

Cyber Security Consultant

We’re one of the best cyber security companies Miami. We’ve provided indsutry leading cybersecurity services for over 20 years in numerous different industries.


Cyber Security Training

Cybersecurity training for employees and establishing a “security-first” environment is the single most important thing your Miami business can do.


Secure Data Backup

Backups should be automatic, off-site, and monitored. Our secure data backups will keep your Miami business’ and your clients’ information secure. 


Don’t Leave Your Business Unprotected

Protect Your Miami Business

Without the proper protection in place, small and large businesses face the risk of being hit with a costly ransomware attack. It takes years to build a reputation, yet that could be gone in one event.

There are ways to protect your business against ransomware attacks. In this eBook you’ll learn how the malware is spread, the different types of ransomware proliferating today, and what you can do to avoid or recover from an attack. Hiding your head in the sand won’t work, because today’s ransom seekers play dirty. Make sure your firm is prepared.

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our Miami cyber security services Testimonials

We are confident in their up-to-date knowledge in the ever-changing technology world.

“IronTech Security keeps our information secure, solves any IT issue quickly and efficiently, and provides specific, customized solutions. The single biggest benefit to our company since moving to IronTech is the knowledge that our information is secure and if we encounter any technology issues, they can address and find solutions quickly and efficiently. As a local business, they know our company and our needs and are able to make specific recommendations and customize solutions. They’re able to provide in-office, same-day assistance, and they stay up-to-date with the ever changing technology world.”

Naomi Conley

Hayes, Johnson & Conley, PLLC

Irontech Security provides peace of mind that we’re backed up and secure every night.

“The biggest benefit of working with IronTech Security is knowing that everything is being backed up every night. Calling for help is easy, and I’ve been happy with the experience and results. Undecided about choosing a service? I may not know anything about your other choices, but I’d recommend that you go with IronTech Security.”

Susan Cloos

Watalula Water Users Association, Inc.


“I get top-tier IT service with the benefit of the entire company’s “institutional knowledge” for a price that is a fraction of what it would cost me to have just a SINGLE dedicated IT person on staff. IronTech responds rapidly to my issues and concerns and updates me via emails every time anything is done on a given work ticket. They provide a valuable interface between my firm and our ISP for phone service. I’ve hired other IT providers before, but no other provider can compare with the level of service and knowledge I get from IronTech.”

Phil Votaw

Votaw Law

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Cyber Security Miami FAQ

Who are the best cyber security companies in Miami?

Miami has several reputable cyber security companies. We believe we’re absolutely one of the best options and our clients would agree! Check us out to learn more about we can secure your Miami business.

Do small businesses need cyber security?

Definitely. Whether your Miami business is large or small, you run the risk of falling victim to cyber crime. Keep your data and your clients’ data safe with our cyber security for Miami. 

Here’s an example of a victim of cyber crime in Florida.