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“Best of Breed” Products

All of the solutions we use are generally considered “best-of-breed”. As new security challenges continually arise, we constantly evaluate our product stack and add, remove, or change products.

These products have management consoles that allow us to detect and respond to threats in real-time, as well as build reports to effectively plan for future protection. We use these in our own Security Operations Center (SOC) and Network Operations Center (NOC), as well as leveraging our partner’s SOCs.

We integrate these with other monitoring and reporting tools to further raise information to responders and analysts.

Our SOC and NOC tools are hosted either on the vendors own platforms, or our own in what is “The Most Advanced Data Center on the Planet.”

Technologies, Cyber Security For Water Utilities, water utility cybersecurity company
Technologies, Cyber Security For Water Utilities, water utility cybersecurity company
Two Factor Authentication

One of the most important things to add to any authentication method is 2 Factor Authentication (2FA), or Multi-Factor Authenticatoin (MFA). If you’ve used a third number besides username and password with a site like your bank, then you have used MFA before.

The 3rd “code” is typically a hardware device that you press a button on, a text message or app pop-up on your phone. These codes are time-sensitive, and will not work after a period of time usually no more than 5 minutes.

Without this time-sensitive number or code, even if someone has your username and password, they cannot access your account. You should use MFA wherever and whenever possible.

Our MFA solution is compatible with Google Authenticator and is stored securely, ready for you to use across all your devices: computer, tablet, phone, and even smart watch.

With compatible devices, the MFA can even “push” a notification to your phone or smart watch and you can quickly log into your PC remotely or other secure destination by just pressing a button, which makes it extremely easy to use ,while at the same time, dramatically increasing your personal and utility security.

Technologies, Cyber Security For Water Utilities, water utility cybersecurity company

DNS Security

DNS security protects your computers and network from malicious websites, phishing and botnet attacks, and ransomware.

It works by intercepting all outgoing traffic on your network and comparing it to known malicious sites and servers. Interestingly, many types of ransomware has to “phone home” before encrypting the files, so if the “home” server is known to be a ransomware server, DNS Security will block the request, effectively shutting down the attack.

Technologies, Cyber Security For Water Utilities, water utility cybersecurity company

Password Management

The BEST way to manage your security credentials is with a good password manager. Used properly, not only can you create unique sets of credentials for every website or application you use, you don’t even have to care what the password is, or even type it in.

This means that you can use 20 randomly generated characters for a password instead of a word (which is vulnerable to dictionary attacks, and yes, hacker dictionaries include leet speak like “3v3n” instead of “even”.

“The best protection available anywhere, at any price.” – Tom Kirkham

Endpoint Protection

Off-the-shelf antivirus (AV) products are pretty much useless with the modern technologies that hackers use today, especially since the NSA leak.

Traditional AV looks for known code “signatures” to detect viruses, but many modern attacks use polymorphic technologies to scramble any signature. Furthermore, it sometimes takes months for a particular virus signature to be added to an AV. That is not good enough.

With Endpoint Detect and Respond (EDR) products, the network and computers are monitored for behavior characteristics and use machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect virus attacks even before they have been detected in the wild. EDR software is particularly effective in stopping ransomware attacks, because these attacks don’t even use a “virus” (that’s why AV is pretty much useless these days).

Technologies, Cyber Security For Water Utilities, water utility cybersecurity company
Technologies, Cyber Security For Water Utilities, water utility cybersecurity company


The best security providers use a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tool to collect data, monitor, detect, and respond to threats. A SIEM will aggregate data from not only security tools, but also routers, computers, switches and other network devices to report and detect malicious behavior.
Technologies, Cyber Security For Water Utilities, water utility cybersecurity company


VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. A VPN protects field offices and SCADA device communication over the Internet by wrapping all data flow inside an encrypted wrapper. This means even if someone sees the actual traffic on the internet, it is impossible to tell what it is, much less what is in the data packets.

Safe Backups

Backups should be automatic, off-site, and monitored. Backups that are done to another drive on the network, or to a USB drive are not secure from ransomware attacks. They also will be destroyed in case of a catastrophic facility loss, or lost if you take it off premises.

Cyber Security Company Reviews

Peace of mind. If any disaster occurs, Irontech Security has our back.

"Irontech Security provides us with the peace of mind knowing that if any disaster occurs, they have our back. When we create a service ticket, response is prompt. If you’re undecided about changing providers or choosing Irontech Security, ask anyone in our office if they’ve had a bad experience or problem that wasn’t promptly served. The answer would be “No.” Can you say that about your IT firm?”

Jack Wells

River South Water

Irontech Security provides peace of mind that we’re backed up and secure every night.

"The biggest benefit of working with Irontech Security is knowing that everything is being backed up every night. Calling for help is easy, and I’ve been happy with the experience and results. Undecided about choosing a service? I may not know anything about your other choices, but I’d recommend that you go with Irontech Security.”

Susan Cloos

Watalula Water Users Association, Inc.

The biggest benefit since moving to Irontech is the confidence they have.

"The only hesitation we had when choosing Irontech Security was finding a cyber security company that would fit our needs. You guys have done that since day one and now for many years. Unlike other IT firms, your response to our calls when we need support has been so much better. As the manager, I would say the single biggest benefit for me would be the confidence that you guys have in your knowledge and expertise to resolve any problems that arise.”

Cecil Zolliecoffer

Ozark Water Department

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