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Cybersecurity Solutions for Water Utility Companies

CyberSecurity Survival Kit

Our Cybersecurity Survival Kit is an industry leading water utility cybersecurity solution. We use best of breed cyber technology to protect your utility, keep your data safe, and save your company money.

IronTech Essentials

  • Managed Endpoint Detect and Respond (MEDR)
  • Workstation Backup & Disaster Recovery

Only $39 / workstation

$295 Deployment

Most Popular!

IronTech Core

  • Managed Endpoint Detect and Respond (MEDR)
  • Additional Layer of MEDR
  • Workstation Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Continuous Security Training

$89 / 1st Workstation

$49 / 2-20 Workstations

$495 Deployment

IronTech Core Max

  • Managed Endpoint Detect and Respond (MEDR)
  • Additional Layer of MEDR
  • Workstation Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Continuous Security Training
  • DNS Filtering
  • Email & Spamfiltering
  • Encrypted Email
  • Password Management

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“The best protection available anywhere, at any price.” – Tom Kirkham

Cybersecurity Services

What We Do


Anti-virus programs and typical firewalls are practically useless these days. Learn how our cybersecurity technologies help water utility companies protect their data better than ever.

CyberSecurity Training

Over 90% of attacks happen because an “insider” of the water utility let the hacker in. Learn how cybersecurity training can help your utility save money and stay protected.

Educational Speaking

Another layer in cybersecurity is having backups and business continuity plans in case all else fails. Learn how our cybersecurity speakers can educate your employees.

Water Cybersecurity Threats

The Business of Hacking

Cybersecurity for water utilities is an important, but complicated task. Cyber hackers are getting smarter and focusing more and more on the water industry. Learn the most common attack methods, how hacking can affect your utility, who these criminals are and more!

Avoid The Pitfalls
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Cyber Security Company Reviews

Peace of mind. If any disaster occurs, Irontech Security has our back.

"Irontech Security provides us with the peace of mind knowing that if any disaster occurs, they have our back. When we create a service ticket, response is prompt. If you’re undecided about changing providers or choosing Irontech Security, ask anyone in our office if they’ve had a bad experience or problem that wasn’t promptly served. The answer would be “No.” Can you say that about your IT firm?”

Jack Wells

River South Water

Irontech Security provides peace of mind that we’re backed up and secure every night.

"The biggest benefit of working with Irontech Security is knowing that everything is being backed up every night. Calling for help is easy, and I’ve been happy with the experience and results. Undecided about choosing a service? I may not know anything about your other choices, but I’d recommend that you go with Irontech Security.”

Susan Cloos

Watalula Water Users Association, Inc.

The biggest benefit since moving to Irontech is the confidence they have.

"The only hesitation we had when choosing Irontech Security was finding a cyber security company that would fit our needs. You guys have done that since day one and now for many years. Unlike other IT firms, your response to our calls when we need support has been so much better. As the manager, I would say the single biggest benefit for me would be the confidence that you guys have in your knowledge and expertise to resolve any problems that arise.”

Cecil Zolliecoffer

Ozark Water Department

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