One of the most critical services that companies benefit from is the protection and monitoring of networks and servers by cyber security companies. When a company opts to outsource any work, they have the opportunity to receive the best quality of work from other industry experts. So, in this context, what is outsourcing in cyber security? When it comes to outsourcing cybersecurity services, there should be no hesitation. Here are five reasons that explain why outsourcing your cyber security services can benefit your business.

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The Five Benefits of Outsourcing Cybersecurity

Cost Efficiency

You might think that outsourcing cybersecurity work will cost more than finding a way to do it in-house. When it comes to protecting important information within your network of devices, outsourcing to a cybersecurity company is the way to go. If you are considering building your own SOC in-house, you should know that the cost can reach as high as three million a year. Instead of having to hire a team of security analysts, implementing training, going through turnover, and installing the variety of security solutions, you can turn to a reliable cybersecurity company for a couple of hundred dollars each month.

The Work of Experts

Not only is relying on the service of a cybersecurity company cost-efficient, it is also more effective when it comes to reading and creating security solutions. Some companies rely only on software to protect their information, but that is not enough; you need a team of human analysts working alongside the software. Cyber threats are constantly evolving and security analysts have the deep knowledge needed to combat attacks. They are constantly reading complicated reports, searching for problems, and finding solutions. If that doesn’t sound all that hard, just think about the fact that individuals can now earn college degrees in cybersecurity.

Real-Time Monitoring and Instant Analysis

Our next cyber security outsourcing benefit is real-time monitroing and analysis. With the quality software and work of real security analysts that you get from cybersecurity companies, you will be able to detect potential breaches in your network as soon as they happen instead of days, weeks and months later.

Preventing a breach before it happens could save the life and reputation of your business. It’s better to be ‘proactive’ rather than ‘reactive’.

Advanced Monitoring

Diving further into what outsourced services can do for your company, you need to know what different software can do for you when managed correctly.

If you are relying on antivirus to protect your business, you are vulnerable to a wide array of cyber threats. Antivirus leaves you vulnerable because it relies on signatures and viruses to detect threats. When there are no signatures or viruses to detect (like ransomware), the threat will bypass right past your antivirus.

We recommend something called MEDR or managed endpoint detection and response. MEDR uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to stop any malicious actives found. MEDR is also monitored 24/7 by human beings allowing security specialists to respond when needed.

Time Efficiency

As with just about any service that you outsource, when you eliminate one line of work or task, you simply free up time for you to be able to focus on more important matters. The company you work with is most likely not a cybersecurity company and therefore has other things to worry about. Outsourcing your cybersecurity needs will give your company one less thing to worry about.

In Conclusion – What is Outsourcing in Cyber Security?

Outsourcing cyber security will ensure that you follow the compliance guidelines and get the protection you need. These five benefits will truly make a difference for your company. If you are looking for one of the best cyber security outsourcing companies, look to us at IronTech Security. We can provide you with all the benefits we hit on in this blog. For questions or inquiries, contact us today.

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